What Is This Sorcery is a Tale Of The Third Web. Phase 1: The Quill and Ink NFT is the first phase of the What is this Sorcery NFT Project. This will be the key to further dive into the world of Catena and put holders one step closer to finding their identity and faction in WITS.

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Welcome to FATES. An immersive narrative-driven Web3 worldbuilding project.

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Deepwaters has built the most fair and transparent exchange in history, providing protected order flow, secure custody, and provable market integrity.

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Utopia Avatars

Be a Utopian - Join our community as we seek innovation and disrupt notions of access and utility using web-3 technology.

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Probably Nothing

Bringing context to Web3.

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We build WEB3 experiences.

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Imaginary Ones

Where magic meets imagination.

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Fusion XYZ

Founders of ShuttleBay. Pioneering a premium ecosystem for professional Web3 brands & communities. We’re inspiring the next generation of innovation on the blockchain through creative, fun and easy to use technology. Interested in onboarding your community? Join our official Waitlist above.

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Probably Nothing

Bringing context to Web3.

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TBD Kitchen

Rotate The Timer

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🦙 Llamas focused on interoperability, community and utility. Owned by @LlamaLabsNFT

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Gangster All ★ Star

A universe of Gangsters fighting for Web3. Building a brand that dares to be different. Crafted by @aroundtheduang

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What Is This Sorcery is a Tale Of The Third Web. Phase 1: The Quill and Ink NFT is the first phase of the What is this Sorcery NFT Project. This will be the key to further dive into the world of Catena and put holders one step closer to finding their identity and faction in WITS.

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Utopia Avatars

Be a Utopian - Join our community as we seek innovation and disrupt notions of access and utility using web-3 technology.

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Beefy Blokes

Beefy Blokes is a cultural brand. We are attempting to solve one of the biggest BEEFs in the world, and that is the lack of mentoring and education for the daily bloke.

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The G Spot (NickyG)

The G Babies are the NickyG Alpha group. Top notch Alpha Calls, A plethora of Whitelist giveaways, access to all partner projects within Bridg3 (Marketing Agency) and MUCH more exclusive perks for being apart of and active in The G Spot.

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Abnormal Studios - (Bricktopians)


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Food and drink have long been used to connect deeply with culture and facilitating this connection is what Jarritos has always strived for since 1950. Dedicated to sharing the Mexican culture with the world, we have stayed at the forefront of innovation, true to our heritage. Now, as culture goes digital and the world moves towards Web3, we take our first steps into the metaverse and ask that you join us with our first NFT collection: Bones.

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My Angry Yakuza Girlfriend, "MAYG Sygne Princess" is a collection of 10,000 game NFTs. Each of these Oyabun level NFTs will allow you to mint your own Yakuza clan. This MAYG "Sygne Princess" NFT represents an intimate private photo just for you. It is an expression of your MAYG as a spirit of sophisticated elegant violent luxury.

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Premium Dark Arts Brand

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Imaginary Ones

Where magic meets imagination.

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Coming 2023

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The Nemesis

The Nemesis is an immersive metaverse platform. Step onto this land and you'll find more than just earth beneath your avatar’s feet. Discover a world of endless possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and soar to new heights. Welcome to a place where freedom reigns and the spirit of creativity thrives.

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NFT Hunters

Biggest and high quality NFT Community of Turkey, opens to world.

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A Family of 444 Genesis Animals and 4000 Agents pushing the boundaries of the web3 space.

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We build WEB3 experiences.

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World of Alpha

Diversity and inclusion collective

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The cure for web3 gaming.

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Walt's Vault

Can art simply be an end, rather than a means? We’ve brought together the world’s top animators, artists, and storytellers to honour a timeless era and create a magical experience. Nothing more, nothing less

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a KID called BEAST


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Building cool products with the power of smart contracts. Corntownwtf, The Locals, Krun Labs, Krun coin, Krunies and so much more.

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TheMeo is an exclusive art collectibles PFP collection of 777 unique NFTs, building to be an innovative IP brand with an exciting lore driven by the community. This NFT project is the starting point of an ecosystem built around web3 long term enthusiasts, contributors and builders. TheMeo will be the playground for every talents and people who needs support and visibility in their web3 journey.

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The Deitys

The Deitys is a high-quality 3D PFP project on Ethereum helping people believe in themselves again. The Deitys is just like life, you control the story. As you grow within The Deitys eco-system you will also grow personally. Raising the bar for community projects within the space. Changing what it means to have an NFT for a PFP. We believe that all of us are our deities and we all should find ourselves in the space, not lose ourselves in it.

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Navigating Web 3 through innovation in a highly exclusive tight-knit community. Our purpose is to provide a place of community for members to collaborate, build, and create on an expedition forging value and opportunity within Web 3. Along the way, we aspire to provide 1-on-1 hands on guidance & coaching for Web 3 builders and creators.

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Always Tired NFTs

Over 500 unique traits filled with nostalgia & emotion. Join us in creating awareness for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Full imlemented ERC20 Contract to accumulate $SNOOZE while holding the nft (passive)

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Welcome to FATES. An immersive narrative-driven Web3 worldbuilding project.

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The MAGMA Pass is a 333 supply collection and gives you access to an exclusive club of dedicated NFT enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, artists, founders and VCs.

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An industry 1st SaaS for Web3. ShuttleBay innovates online community culture, while delivering a professional standard of online brand equity. By @fusionXnft.

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Digital fashion brand styling the metaverse one pixel at a time

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An NFT branding company that acts as an NFT launchpad for top-tier web2 brands. We ALL know how much some web2 brands need help when entering the space. rftp covers both tech related questions as well as the community building.

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Join the discord to get involved.

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CHRYSALISM: DNA is your access pass to the world of CHRYSALISM. The moment you decide to redeem through our custom-built immersive mint process, the journey begins and you witness how YOUR data can influence art. Collecting not only your on-chain (individual blockchain data points) but also off-chain (personal astrological information) data, a unique data DNA seed will be created, using your information to determine hundreds of parameters, giving birth to a truly unique specimen.

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Life's A Joke NFT

This project is all about you & your NFT journey 🤡

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Project Avatar

Project Avatar is launching the Avatar Pass which will be a Genesis collection of 444 NFTs. These NFT passes will be used to get full access to the Avatar Ecosystem, providing you with all of the utilities that you will ever need. All of the passes will be launched on the ETH blockchain. An aim of ours is to build a devoted community of genuine people of the Web3 Space, we want people to have the goal of being part of the Avatar community. We will provide utilities for our community, but not only that. We also want to provide a space where people can ask questions to experienced Web3 members and have discussions with them whenever they like.

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Alpha GEMS comprises of 222 members carefully selected from a variety of backgrounds, including artists, builders, developers, gamers, and influencers. Collective, we are building a system that synchronizes the rapid information flow and latest updates in the NFT market to cater to our members.

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Kiwami is a Japanese term for "ultimate" and/or "extreme"

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Deepwaters has built the most fair and transparent exchange in history, providing protected order flow, secure custody, and provable market integrity.

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Flower Fam

Flower Fam is about spreading peace and prosperity. We do this with the help of our unique P2E ecosystem, the Oasis. Here you can connect with like-minded people, have a good time, and relax while your flowers earn $honeycoin. Power to the Flowers.

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Honest Ones

Honest Ones is a brand centred around honesty and expressing yourself in Web3. An emotive brand that embraces the spectrum of feelings you experience and being your authentic self. We believe anyone can be a creator and aim to empower a community seeking personal growth.

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Digital Fine Art Platform ☄️⛓💎 // Founded by Fvckrender

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Pukecast is under the umbrella of RugRadio, a WEB3 decentralized media company that focuses on educating our audience on anything related to web3 & NFTs. We run 2 daily shows: ASIA WEB3 MFERS & DAILY DOSE ASIA, where our main priority is to build the number 1 WEB3 community in ASIA

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DigiDaigaku Dragon Eggs is a collection of 10,000 digital collectables developed by Limit Break, a company founded by world famous game designers Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. The Dragon Eggs are close to hatching - what will be in yours? Learn more about the project at:,, and

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MetaBlub Studio

Community for sharing and learning the Web3

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ShroomFrens is a community of 2222 explorers, thinkers, and innovators helping each other navigate the world of Web3 and beyond. In the darkness and in light, you can find frens everywhere if you look, all it takes is a spore. Where will the next one land next? 🍄

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Hakka Finance

An ecosystem of remarkable DeFi products and a Play2Earn game, administered by the $HAKKA token.

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Arties is focused on building a launch-pad to bridge high-valued art from the physical to the digital space. We do this by assisting established traditional artists do so. With the assistance of the community, in hand with important connections to the traditional art markets, we will be able to make this space a bit more enjoyable for new entrants and NFT natives alike, who share the same love for NFTs.

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Passengers is an intergalactic experience that will launch you into an exhilarating mission through space and time, with the goodness of the Universe at stake.

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Mutariuum Universe

Mutariuum Universe is a community-driven play-to-earn game where 5 unique Factions fight for control over Carver City. Each Faction will need to carefully plan its political structure and strategize for wars to succeed.

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Azeroth is a web3 experience curated by BlockchainGavin. Our goal is to provide our members with opportunities within the web3 space while educating them on what's to come. Being in the right place, at the right time with like-minded individuals.

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Degens in Disguise is an NFT project developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The first and current phase consists of X (yet to be announced) Avatars presented in full body but which will also have a close-up view to be used as PFPs. We started from a question: what is hidden behind our PFP? Our apes, punks, doodles, etc. they have become our digital identities, it's us... Web3 us. But what's under the costume? the answer, according to our story-telling, is simple: a Degen! This is how our DGNS are made up; a character depicting a Degen, who wears a semi-open costume depicting his PFP (taken from the most famous NFTs projects), and who grabs a Web3 culture object ... plus a surprise final trait!

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The best NFA Collection of 333 Unique Genesis GodJiras and 3333 gen2 GodJiras on the ethereum blockchain living as NFTs. project

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Building a exclusive group of traders looking to have a place to chat and get everything excusive to the holders. Join by invite only.

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Avant Garde

Leader of Interoperable Digital Fashion.

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Miuzium is a multinational art studio that utilizes technology to enhance and strengthen the connection between the art community and the greater world. Our first collection is working with 100 of the Middle East and Africa's most talented and culturally significant artists to curate a collection of 1001 fine art, 1/1s, in the form of NFTs.

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Quantum Eye Society

An elite syndicate on the frontier of innovation with limitless potential. First NFT project on the @VenomFoundation. Engage to be considered.

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The Wilders

The Wilders is a storyworld and community-built, animated NFT collection + brand that empowers creatives to tell interactive immersive stories together. Inspired by the Western Sci-Fi genre and playful cartoon aesthetics, The Wilders are here to embark on a new journey into The Wild by building a Transmedia IP through Web3 and NFTs.

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A private group dedicated to cultivating the next generation of creators and builders in Web3. HD Pass holders have exclusive access to Hangout DAO along with all the tools and benefits.

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A Decentralised Marketplace For Traders

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Helix Records

The new web3 independent record label by music industry veteran Patrick Moxey

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Run the race. Run the world. Coming soon.

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Stickmen Toys

Toys, but for big kids. A free NFT collection by Warner Records & Bose

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An exclusive vacation club platform that allows members the usage rights to resorts globally on an annual basis, and the ability to earn rewards by holding onto the membership. We use blockchain to tokenize ‘stays’ and to embed them onto NFTs, which represents your membership and a number of nights allocated to you at the property. Official Hotels & Resorts Partner Arsenal Football Club

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Fully gamified Play-AND-Earn NFT project.

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8lements is an 8k animated art collection NFT landscape which evolves around eight different type of elements. The elements consists of Fire, Ice, Air, Earth, Lightning, Water, Darkness and Light. Our primary focus is to create a sustainable and strong foundation for our community which is built on trust, communication and strong values for each member to enjoy in the present as well as for the future. Each holder of an 8lements NFT will be able to benefit from the utilities and officially be part of the 8lements family.

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Each path holds a secret,「 recruits 」are you ready?

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Collider Craftworks

We’re here to deliver exquisitely crafted characters for next generation games and experiences. Leverage the best tools in the hands of elite talent!

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Top 10 = Vanguard (OG)

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Kanto Labs Alpha

Kanto Labs is a dedicated and fully stacked NFT community! We strive to provide NFT information, networking opportunities, and an active community focused on helping one another!

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Toshies by Chuckchee

Test Description

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Toxic Skulls Club

Welcome to Toxic Skulls Club – a skate and surf lifestyle brand created by @concordlabs . Experience our NFT project and join the club!

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Lab Grown Beasts

Lab Grown Beasts is a NFT collection of 1212 unique beasts.

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Connect. Create. Collaborate. Hosting IRL Web3 events across the APAC region!

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Woodlanderz NFT project is premised on the fantastical World of Woodlanderz, an expansive lush greenery enveloped by prolific forests and otherworldly plants and creatures where every living organism lived in peace and harmony with nature and its laws. Check out our marketplace:

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NFTboi's Shuttlebay

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operationSIN is an 8000 supply collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded by pioneers of the WEB3 space with a focus on creating the best possible experience for both holders and enthusiasts. We aim to deliver quality when it comes to the lore, artwork and utility attached to the token.

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📱Web3 Social App 🤳🏼 Bring your NFTs to life 📈 Build the Social Ranking of your NFTs

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Squishy Squad

The Squishy Squad is a collection of 8,888 dangerously cute squishes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece was thoroughly crafted, selectively chosen, and beautifully coded for our incredible community. Each squish is cute, goofy, and knows how to party like there’s no tomorrow.

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When a mysterious disease starts spreading in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, the government puts up walls to contain it. 5.500 members of the main slum faction "Os Crias" are left behind and a rebellion started. Individuals started to fight each other, trying to dominate strategic points of the slum, and it's the survival of the fittest.

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Surgence is an NFT community platform and builders hub that attracts the finest talent from all facets of WEB3 - founders, builders, traders, and teachers. At Surgence, we accelerate our members to success through daily education, mentoring, networking, idea incubation, and the provision of alpha, giveaways, and tools. Surgence operates as a talent agency for partners, pairing our members into paid jobs.

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Who are the KaDemons? KaDemons are a tribe of 6,666 fire lovers of all shapes and sizes. 500 are unique and rare, with special traits and perks not shared with the other 6,166. The team behind KaDemons puts emphasis on the following: → Community Experience the thrill of being part of a rapidly expanding tribe of demon raiders, where each completed task grants the holder $GELD, which they can hold, gift or spend on a wide variety of rewards in the store. → Utility The raid to earn platform is the ultimate utility for holders. By owning a KaDemon NFT, you'll have access to a constantly developing system filled with countless opportunities to earn $GELD. And that's just the beginning! → Token Launching in Q2 2023, the $Geld token is the native token for the KaDemons ecosystem. Each NFT goes beyond just digital art pieces, have intrinsic collectible value and various projects can offer $GELD to holders in exchange for completing tasks. These task can be as simple as liking tweets, retweets or get more involved (and earn more $GELD) with actions like hosting a Twitter Space or making a promotional Youtube Video for the project. All Demon token holders will have access to: 😈Raids 😈Mining 😈Storing 😈Spending 😈Rare NFT drops 😈Voting rights + exclusive rewards in our gamified raid-to-earn ecosystem

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Dori Samurai 🏯

888 Genesis Dori. An AI Hybrid project pushing the boundaries. Gen1 enables Access to all future Dori Brand drops.

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We have been trying to contact Martians for a long time. Now, we have the technology to do it. Home of the Martian Market, an On-Chain plug & play marketplace that has onboarded some of the biggest communities in Web3.

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